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*Between January & March 2015, one in ten new customers paid less than £40 a month for Gas & Electricity combined, excl. VAT

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**The above monthly cost is based on an annual consumption estimate of 10,000kWh**

Business Energy

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Commercial Electricity Price Comparison

Commercial electricity prices, like energy tariffs in the domestic sector, are on an upward spiral and it is therefore crucial for you to keep your organisation's spending under control. Shopping around for the best deals is the only way to ensure you are not paying higher commercial electricity prices than you need to, and that you - not the utility companies - are in control of your spending.

To do this effectively, you need to search the market and compare the offerings of the different suppliers. It is perfectly possible for you to compare commercial electricity prices yourself independently, but it is worth considering using a reputable price comparison and switching service like the Energy Advice Line. Some of the commercial electricity prices we can offer you are only available through us due to our size and industry contacts. And we are the only UK service tailored exclusively to the needs of organisations, so we are experts in this sector.

In addition, we take the hassle out of changing commercial electricity prices because we handle the whole switching process for you, free of charge. All you have to do is input your meter reading using our online tool, and we will show you the best commercial electricity tariffs on offer from our diverse panel of suppliers. Remember, the Energy Advice Line is completely impartial and independent and is not aligned to a particular company. When you have chosen the supplier with the best commercial electricity prices for your organisation's needs, we will take over and handle the switching process for you. This leaves you free to get on with running your organisation.

Furthermore, we do not abandon you once you have locked in your cheaper commercial electricity suppliers. Our team of experts will be available for the duration of your contract to help with queries and problems. When your commercial electricity prices are coming to an end in line with the expiration of your contract, we will let you know with a free reminder. The last thing your organisation needs is to find itself stuck in an expensive roll over contract, where you could be faced with paying excessive rates for the energy your organisation uses.

The energy regulator OFGEM has confirmed that the UK organisations paying the lowest commercial electricity prices are those that regularly switch suppliers rather than stay with the same utility company year after year. The Energy Advice Line can not only save you money by helping you do this, but makes the switching process a lot easier than you think.

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Say No To Cold Calling

Unfortunately, business energy customers in the UK are bombarded with cold calls on a daily basis. Prices offered are usually more than 20% - 30% above the current retail prices for electricity and gas.

At Energy Advice Line we strongly advise customers not to accept these offers. Join our campaign here, and spread the word to say 'no' to cold calling on business energy.